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Volunteering And Why I Believe In Humane Societies

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I am a volunteer at our local Hopkins Belize Humane Society. I am originally from Canada, but am living over seas for a few years. I wanted to get involved in something in the community, something to make a difference. I love animals, so what a better place to start then the Humane Society.

The people that work here are amazing! They give there heart and soul each week and do there best, not only spay and neuter animals but also to help any emergency cases that pop in. They continue to help educate the local people on taking care of there pets, and why it’s so important to spay and neuter.

This job is both heart wrenching and heart warming each month I go. We have seen some pretty awful cases, skin diseases, machete cuts, thousands of fleas, ticks, bot fly's, TVT (STD) and animals hit by cars etc. I will never think of a flea the same, I had no idea an animal with fleas could actually die. But, I have seen animals come in that are barely alive because of the amount of fleas on them. I have bathed dogs, and cats then picked fleas off of them for hours. Such a rewarding feeling when they are all cleaned up and have some energy back. I had no idea how important local humane societies were for the community. The amount of stray dogs on the street has been cut in half just because of the spay and neuters that are being done. Locals are being educated on how to care for there animals properly, bringing them for monthly check ups, free medication, flea and tick treatments etc.

I have also seen heart warming cases, animals that have come in on the verge of death, find a foster, they care for it, bring it back for check ups and we see a changed dog or cat. It’s such an amazing thing (see story and photos below). If a person decides to be a foster the humane society provides all they need at no cost to the foster parent. We have fostered kittens, and dogs, it’s the best feeling watching them get better, and have a chance at life. Animals can feel pain, just because they can’t tell us, they show us. Also seeing locals being educated on caring for there pets, bringing them in for proper check ups and medication, it’s such a good thing.

The best part about the humane society is, it’s free. If the owners agree to have there animal “cut” (spay or neutered) then the humane gives them any medication they need, check ups and treatments. This humane society runs off of people’s donations, so every dollar counts, if you can spare it this month, I ask you to support the Hopkins Belize Humane Society. You can be sure that you are saving lives, being apart of the change and educating people just by a simple donation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope this sparks something in your heart, maybe you have a local Humane Society you can volunteer at, be apart of the change and help these animals, who truly can’t help themselves. I started volunteering to help animals and change there life, little did I know my life would be the one to be changed. ❤

Below are photos of a dog that came into the Humane Society. A Canadian couple here in Hopkins adopted her, her name was Daisy. A worker from Humane Society found her at a Chinese Store in a village, she had Tick fever and TVT. They kept her at HBHS for a few months, got her better with flea, tick, de-wormer, good shampoo for skin problems, Vin Christine treatments and Doxy (probably Chephalexin too for skin problems). Daisy will ALWAYS be special to the Humane Society. She has since passed but had a happy life with her new owners. Here are some before and afters and why it’s so important to donate to this amazing Humane Society, this is just one of the many amazing rescue stories they have.

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-Guest Blogger