Updated: Mar 31, 2020

On the website we have written about endangered felines before, but today we are going to focus on the tiger!

Today we have a special treat for you! One of our website owners made a special presentation to share with you about tigers. You will find links throughout the presentation that can give you more information but we hope that this presentation motivates you to help save tigers! This Presentation was created with Microsoft PowerPoint!


To view our presentation copy the link above and paste it into your google search box. When you press "search" you will see the presentation download on the bottom left corner of your screen. Once downloaded press on it and you are able to see it. In the top left corner you will see a button similar to the one circled in green below:

Press it and enjoy! To view the next slide(s), just simply press your space bar on your laptop or use the controls on the bottom left corner of the screen. Sorry we posted a day early, we thought we would treat everyone with a blog a little early! We hope you learn lots and are encouraged to take action!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments or the chat box.

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