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Sun Bears And Why We Should Save Them!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Sun bears are becoming endangered and we should definitely be worried about this! Just take a look at their pictures, their long snouts and fluffy fur should not only make you smile, but convince you, we need to do our part to save them. Sun bears live in the tropical lowland forests in Asia. These bears do not hibernate, but like to sleep in the thick trees the forest provides them with. They’re smaller than the other bear species and have black soft fur with brown spots scattered around the chest. Some say, these bears don't look like they have necks. These bears are unique from the others, they create a habitat for other creatures which is important in the wild, without them, it could have an effect on other animals and plants. They help spread out the seeds from fruit trees, which is important, because it makes more fruit for other bears and animals to eat. They go all over the forest and they bring seeds along with them. Sun bears are fuzzy warm creatures with an omnivorous diet which consists of fruit, nuts, berries, insects, grub, honey, eggs, and sometimes even small animals such as rodents. These creatures can run up to 48kph and are good at climbing trees. They actually spend quite a bit of time in tree tops and even build beds out of twigs and leaves in the tree canopies like bird nests. According to https://roaring.earth/sun-bear-tongues/ , "This unique bear has an unusually long tongue that is uses to feed on honey and insects. ... Sun bears use their remarkably long tongues to extract termites, beetle and bee larvae, and some types of fruit. They also occasionally eat vertebrates like birds, reptiles, and small mammals when given the opportunity." Many hunters are targeting sun bears for their fur, traditional medicine and meat. People like to eat the meat of these bears on very special occasions such as Christmas or any other important holiday. Like all endangered species, it's no easy feet saving them, but the best thing we can do is educate people about these animals. The more people falling head over heels for these bears, the less people will try to harm them. In conclusion, we need to help these bears because they are just as important as any other animal on earth!

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