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Rest In Peace Bailey

On Saturday, February 13th, my family had to put down our beloved 7-month-old puppy, Bailey. I just wanted to share a small look at his last days...

Bailey was always a super happy, playful, and energetic puppy. He was loyal to his family and enjoyed playing with other animals. He could always make us laugh and we were so blessed with such an amazing puppy. He was almost 6 months old when we found out he was epileptic. He was never the same after he started having seizures and taking the strong medication, but we went day by day and he was doing amazing. It wasn't until this weekend that everything changed. Thursday was a great day! Bailey got to play with his friends and he was the same happy go lucky dog he always was. I woke up Friday morning to find out that Bailey had had 4 seizures within a couple of hours. We knew he had epilepsy but he was on strong medication and should not have been having seizures. My parents took him to the vet and then told me they had to take him into the Emergency. He had had over 30 seizures and they weren't stopping. We had to leave him at the vet and they said we could pick him up in a couple of days, they first needed to get strong drugs into him via IV fluids. He had lost his sight and could barely stand. When they called and told us the seizures had stopped we were so happy. We knew this meant he responding to the meds and was slowly getting better. We went to bed that night feeling pretty good but when I woke up, all of that changed. Bailey was having more seizures, was weak, and still couldn't see. We all knew that he wouldn't have the quality of life he deserved and we had already tried every way possible to help him. Even the vets had tried every possible thing to make him better but nothing was working. He was suffering. We knew in our hearts what was best for him, but it was not an easy decision and it was one we never wanted to make. We went to visit him one last time and it was heartbreaking. He couldn't see us and he was so full of meds and so weak from all the seizures he could barely stand. He had lost control of his bowels and he wasn't even the same dog anymore. After the weekend he had had over 50 seizures. We made one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make and we put Bailey down to end his suffering and put him at peace. We miss him more than anything and can barely stand to be in our own home. We loved him so much and will miss him forever.

Thank you, Bailey, you changed our family for the better, you are forever loved and hold a special place in our hearts. Rest in peace, my love.

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