Plastic Straws vs. Metal Straws! Save The Turtles!

Turtles are suffering because of plastic straws, and we can prevent this from happening. So... why aren't we? If we don't stop the use of plastic straws, we won't have turtles anymore. Turtles will go extinct if we don't do something about it! Every time you get a disposable straw, it eventually gets thrown away. Many of these straws end up in the ocean, and the straws can harm or kill sea turtles and other marine wildlife. Straws can get up a sea turtle's nose, or a sea turtle can eat the straw, because they think it's food. Plastic straws are easy, because you can simply just throw the straw away after using it, however, metal straws you have to wash out after using. Are we seriously going to keep using plastic straws just because we don't feel like washing the straw out after using it, or are too lazy to wash it out? We can prevent this from happening by using metal straws. Metal straws are reusable, premium quality, easy to clean and manage, budget-friendly, non-toxic, they can help you get a whiter smile and even some metal straws are biodegradable and eco-friendly! There is no reason to keep using plastic straws. Why keep using plastic straws and hurting turtles and other sea life, when we can use metal straws?

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- The Road To Rescue

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