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Lizards in Need!

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

There are many lizards in this world that are need. Some people hate lizards and even try to kill them just because they don’t enjoy looking at them. I have my very own pet lizard! She is a Bearded Dragon and her name is Charliey. You are going to hear a lot more about her in upcoming blogs. I rescued her from a pet store that was not taking good care of her. She was taken away from her birth parents way to early and was not being fed what she was supposed to be eating. I bought her from the pet store the night I saw her at only two weeks old! Most people told me she wasn’t going to make it because of how young she was, but with lots of help from my family she is now a happy and healthy bearded dragon.

In this blog I’m going to be talking about two reptiles, the Komodo Dragon, and the Green Iguana, they are lizards whose populations are shooting down more and more every day.

Komodo Dragons are endangered mostly because their habitats are usually where active volcanoes are. Man hunting all their preferred prey, and the most horrifying of all...

Poachers. Lots of the Komodo Dragons found in the wild are captured and brought to the zoo to breed and make more Komodo Dragons. They are wonderful animals who really only hope to get their food and move on with life as a wild hunter. We humans have taken both of those rights away from them, by hunting all their prey for our selves and removing them from their wild life, so we can put them on displayable at a zoo.

I’m sorry to say but there really isn’t lots you can do to save this animal. What we have done to these precious creatures was almost permanent. Their population will most likely keep dropping until they're gone. We need to speak up, and stand up for the Komodo dragons. Nothing is going to change unless we stand up for those who can't. We need to speak to our local hunters and local zoo. If they're only keeping Komodo Dragons for show and not to breed, then they will be extinct before we know it. So come on. Speak up, we're all in this together! What you do can make a huge difference and even save thousands of Komodo Dragons!

The Green Iguanas population is dropping rapidly! In countries of Central America Green Iguanas are called Bamboo-Chicken. They're hunted for their meat and eggs. They're considered a delicacy. The way that these lizards are getting eaten isn’t even the harshest part but the way they're being hunted is. While the Green Iguana is still alive people will use something similar to a big fishing hook. They will hook the wild iguana’s neck then drag it into a cage! Then when they're ready to be cooked they will cut the iguana horizontally in half...

What you can do to save these animals actually isn’t that difficult. If you go to a restaurant  and see bamboo-chicken on the menu, leave and don’t support them. Donate to a Green Iguana breeding sanctuary, or even feed some Green Iguanas if they happen to be in your backyard.

As you can probably see these creatures need help! They need to see that not all humans are against them, and that there are many people in this world that are trying to save them, like you and me!

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