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Live Stock Auctions

Auctions are a livestock magnet, they are such an easy way to sell animals and even help you earn extra money. I am not just going to start saying things such as, “ all auctions are killers!” “Never sell your animals!”, because honestly, not all auctions are bad. You just need to know what to look for when at one.


Cattle have no control over their future. Confused and scared, they are kicked and flogged, taken from their herd mates, forced into the auction ring, bid on, then led off to their new owner or even to their death. Many people reading this are could be thinking, “Really cows? Why should I care about cows? They are FOOD!” And while that is true, they are still living creatures that deserve just as much love as any creature! So if a cow goes to an auction, the only option it has is to give up? Does that seem fair? Why shouldn't they get as many chances as other animals?


In the meat and wool industry, sheep do not get the same protection from the cruelty laws that protect other animals, these intelligent, living animals, can have parts of their bodies cut off without pain drugs, and suffer intensely during shearing. Sheep are just as much alive as any other animal. So why should we just send them off to an auction to leave them hopeless and confused? Like I said before, I am not against auctions, I am just tired of their ways. Our world has a good humane way of doing most things, auctions just need to catch up on it.


Now here is something that really needs to change. Horses are routinely whipped and pounded as they are driven to and through the auction ring. Since horses at auctions rarely receive any water, they also may be severely dehydrated. Just being at an auction, in general, is terrifying, let alone living there. Worst of all, these horses rarely make it out alive. The “killers” come and bid on the cheapest, oldest horses, the ones that no one wants, then sells them to slaughter just to make a buck. This needs to change.

As you can see auctions aren't fair. If you are going to let people buy 20 horses at a time you obviously don’t care where these horses are going. If these people could just treat the animals humanely, give them food and water then this would already improve part of the issue! People could even be given a limit. If you see someone bidding on all the horses no one wants then maybe ask a few questions. Trust me, you can tell if someone cares about horses or not. Nobody is that good of an actor! If auctions could just put some regulations in place then they would be a calmer, more safe environment. This all starts with one voice and leads on to millions. Are you ready to help? Are you ready to make a difference?

-The Road To Rescue

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