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Horses Without Hope

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Do you have a horse? Do you love it beyond belief? Is it your prize possession?  I wonder though, have you ever thought about how many horses out there that have no hope? Being treated like machines, slaves, and as if they are worth nothing? Most people will tell you, if you're going to get a horse, make sure it is from a good home so that the horse isn’t afraid of people or hard to train. In my opinion, I would say that if you are planning on buying a horse you should get one that you love and connect with, even if it’s coming from bad upbringing. Don’t just write off horses that have fear of people, or seem distant. Although it may be more work if you connect with the horse, you should choose that horse. Most likely a horse that comes from a good home will continue to get love and pampered until they're bought. A horse that comes from a bad home however, could risk the chance of getting mistreated, yelled at for not getting sold, beaten, or even killed. Although it’s not the horse’s fault that no one wants to buy it. You can’t blame a horse for how it’s raised, but you can change it’s future.  Sadly there are many horses out there that are out of hope, but we need to stand up for them and give them back that hope that they need to survive. Even by speaking up, sharing this blog, spreading awareness you are helping, you could even donate to a horse rescue center, a horse rehabilitation center, volunteering with a horse rescue group, or even rescuing a horse of your own. What you do can make a HUGE difference! You could save a countless number of horses lives even by donating a small amount to some kind of horse charity. Even dollar counts, and every person can make a difference.  So, what are you waiting for? Join us on the road to rescueing these animals! Giddy up, they need our help. https://www.frontrangeequinerescue.org/product/donate-2/ Jan 23, 7:45 PM

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