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Horse Slaughtering

Sorry we are posting late today, this blog needed some extra time to make sure we got our point across. This topic is very close to our hearts.

You have most likely heard of horse slaughtering, but I am guessing you have not really thought about it.

Well, I hope this article will make you think about it more than you ever thought you would.

So, it all starts with a star, let’s say a world champion race horse, she wins every race until one day there was a pasture accident and she can’t race anymore. She could still be ridden and be a little girl’s dream horse but instead she was sent to the slaughter... On the trailer ride to the slaughter, she was crammed in between 15-20 horses in a trailer only meant to fit 10. It was lined with bars that a horse could fit their head through, two horses already broke their necks in the bars and now lie limp on the trailer floor. The X-racer had gotten spooked at vehicles driving by since she was not used to being out of her pasture or stall. She reared up and put a gash in one of the pony's backs and broke her leg in the process. Her leg, the one that once ran the track as a champion, she was so hopeful of a good life, but now her leg was broken and could no longer do any thing but slow her down and make her go through excruciating pain. Joining the 3 other horses, she lay limp on the trailer floor, only every once and a while could she gather up the strength to let out a low painful moan.

3 humans opened the trailer door and let out a groan of frustration knowing that the 3 horses that lie on the floor would be a nightmare to move.

After 5 horse’s had met their gruesome fate, it was our wonderful horse, who was once a champion and once so full of hope; to meet hers as well... She was brought into a pen, well, dragged in since she was not able to stand with her broken leg. She was put onto the cold, blood-stained cement floor, that once was clean and almost felt comforting to be lying on, but now all it felt like was death.

A pistol was loaded and pressed right against the forelock of the horse. The last thing she felt was pain, and the last of her is now being consumed at a party in the south.

So, now you have a glimpse of what really goes on. Except for, that was is not remotely close to how bad it is. The slaughter usually involves multiple shootings and getting starved and abused for days and days on end.

Fun fact, horse meat is extremally bad for humans and should NOT be consumed.

Please help me stop this, it is cruel and unneeded! Don’t we have enough already??? Horses do not get to choose where they end up, they just have to hope that they aren’t ending up at the knackers. They can't tell us when it hurts or when it is too much to handle. They are not humans and if they misbehave it is not their fault, if anything it is ours. So why are we doing this? Our own satisfaction, that's why!  The mission can start with one voice and move on to thousands or even millions! So why is this still going on? We need a team and we need to speak up and if we do not, all that makes us is cowardly and foolish. It makes me sick thinking of what this world had become. Blasting animals on the head because they are apparently not worth it? Or just leaving them in the pasture to die because you just don’t care any more?

Help me.

Help these insistent animals.

They do not have a voice, so people like us must speak up for them.

Join me on this rescue mission.

Join me on TheRoadToRescue.

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