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Horse Racing

I wanted to be jokey for the longest time; winning loads of money, constantly being surrounded by horses and lots of running to quench my thirst for speed. However, apparently, I was utterly clueless. When it comes to horse racing there are numerous hidden aspects, ones that someone really has to look for and dig below the surface to notice.

The Bits- The bits that are used during horse racing are nothing but pain and cruelty! Some have edges that will slice the horse’s tongue if it so much moves its mouth (Norton Citation Bit). These are just cruel no matter how you put it! This isn’t discipline, it's violence and abuse!

The Whips- I would like your opinion, what do you think would you make you run faster... kinds words, love, and encouragement, or constant yelling and someone constantly whipping your rear and your neck? If you chose the first one then I am with you, but others may not agree with you. While Jockeys are required to use whips with padding on the end, with the amount of force that they are using to whip the horses, it doesn't make that much of a difference and still causes pain towards the horse.

The Slaughter- Most of the horses that go to the slaughter are ex-racehorses. Horses that got a shot at racing and then placed last too many times, ones that never made millions, ones that just were too old. That is why buying off-the-track racehorses is so important... because if you don’t, the knackers will. Giving them a second chance at life is the best thing you could do for them and so rewarding in the end. The horses are never at fault for what they do wrong, their actions are a result of the ways that humankind treats them. The horse doesn't know what is right or wrong, it is like getting mad at a baby for crying.. they don't know any better. Would you kill your child if they made one mistake?

The Pain- Okay, so now let's put two and two together, sharp bits that cause pain on the inside of your mouth, and then a whip that slashes at you whenever you want you to take a breather. Humane or inhumane? And let's not forget that you are living your life in fear that if you make one wrong move, you will be sent to your death. Could you imagine living in fear your whole life not knowing if you were doing the right or wrong thing and in the end it would lead to your death!?

There are so many factors.. too many to mention, but I mentioned the main things. Horse racing does not have to be cruel forever. Without the whips, the dangerous bits, and using fewer horses, it would be a humane sport! I am not saying to ban this sport once and for all, but I am saying to ban the cruel ways! This sport has so much history and is a great exercise for the horses if it is done humanely.

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Image is taken from http://www.aww.com.au/latest-news/lets-talk/melbourne-cup-is-it-the-race-that-divides-the-nation-29507