Endangered Blue Macaw

Do you remember that 2011 Animated movie, Rio? You know, that one about the endangered blue macaw? Well if you do, awesome. If you don’t, make sure to search it up later because that is the animal we are talking about in this blog! You are probably like, “Seriously Road to Rescue? So, your going to be educating me about a made-up bird animation?” Well no, actually this movie was inspired by the beautiful Spix's Macaw! This extremely endangered Macaw, is found in Brazil and their history goes as far back to the 1819's. They have an appetite for nuts, seeds, fruits, flowers, leaves, insects, snails, and sometimes even damp soil which can help ease their stomachs. These birds have beautiful gradient blue feathers that start light and then fade into darker blue. They have a black beak, and some even have a little white on their face. Sadly, the Spix's Macaw went extinct in the wild in 1990, they are only alive in zoos today. Only approximately 160 left today. We have lost our beautiful blue macaws in the wild due to habitat loss. Us wanting more and more land to satisfy ourselves. We keep building more city's, forcing our population to grow more and more. We then start all over again, ruining even more animals' natural habitats.

We hope that with all these facts, you can go out, spread the word, and make the difference. Join us today, and forever, on the road to rescuing our planet.

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