Bambi’s story (from someone special who works with the Hopkins Humane Society)

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Bambi had the best year of her life as we spoiled her rotten as well as the many friends that met her. Bambi's first few days after coming to HBHS. Bambi was taken in by visiting vet students from Canada, who had to leave and I took over fostering. Photo taken Aug. 1 2015. She was approx. 2 months old.

This is Bambi's first few days, (July 22nd) and this was before we started treating her skin, on Aug. 1st.

Aug. 25th, 2015 Bambi came home with us and continued with meds.

Sept. 2015 Bambi started growing a little peach fuzz, and now loves her new big brother.

Sept. 2015 Bambi is growing like a weed, she is feeling much better and fitting in. She decided she is not a baby anymore and is going to join the big kids out on the deck.

Oct. 11th, 2015 Bambi has even more fur coming in and is now part of the big kid group. I lost my baby.

April 22, 2016 Bambi turned into a beautiful dog that 9 months earlier, was found roaming down a back road, by herself, in Hopkins Village. Someone had no idea the beautiful dog they had, and decided she wasn't worth getting better, so they left her out on the streets.

Sept. 2016 Bambi started getting sick off and on. Tick fever was the cause for a little while, but after getting that sorted out, further blood work revealed she had liver failure. Dialysis was not going to happen in Belize so we flushed her every other day and put her on meds to see if that would help.

Oct. 2016 We took our final ride to the vets. The treatments no longer worked and Bambi was tired. It was time. This BROKE our hearts and still does, just looking at this photo makes me want to cry. But this is the result of dogs whose owners didn't take the time to care for them, and this is why we need fosters. Bambi taught "ME" a lot. I wasn't looking for a dog, I really didn't want another mouth to feed and I wasn't ready for her, but somehow she wiggled her way into our lives and I am so glad she did. I always miss her.

Bambi had to be put down shortly after turning 1. We got her looking so much better on the outside but now we know she had internal problems that added to all her health issues.

This was Bambi’s story! Unfortunately it had a sad ending, but she had a second chance at life because of this amazing couple that took her in. Fosters matter! Humane Societies are life changing Your donation can make a difference!

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