Animal Euthanasia For No Reason Is Cruel!

This Blog Is Written By: Wren B

Animal Euthanasia For No Reason Is Cruel! So, In today's blog, I am going to be talking about Animal Euthanasia. There are many different types of euthanasia, but today I'm going to be talking about how animals get put down for absolutely no reason! Cruel right? Some animals get put to sleep because they're sick, hurt, or in pain & the best choice for them is euthanasia.

"If the quality of life of the pet is so poor that they will be in pain/suffering for the rest of their life, the vet will sometimes recommend it as the humane thing to do."

Other animals get put down because they can't find a home and/or no one will adopt them!

So, let's start from the very beginning, when animals arrive at the vet or shelter. Millions of animals arrive at vets and shelters every year. Some animals have a very low chance of survival, and some are perfectly healthy. Lots of animals get adopted and find loving homes, others aren't so lucky. When animals don't get adopted and can't find a home they will most likely get Euthanized.

"Vets and shelters put down perfectly healthy pets because they didn't get adopted!"

“The process can cause animals to suffer while they slowly suffocate.” “It can take up to 30 minutes for some animals to lose consciousness, during which panicked animals may gasp for breath, try to claw their way out of the chamber, and—when more than one is forced into a chamber or box—attack each other.”

This is honestly so wrong and cruel!

"Each year, approximately 1.5 million sheltered animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats)."

There is no reason animals should suffer in human hands! Billions of animals need our help! To prevent this you can, foster animals, and even in some cases, adopt. Thank you for reading our blog this week & please consider fostering or signing a petition to stop animal euthanasia. There is lots we can do to stop this! So lets join together and stop this nonsense!

-The Road To Rescue

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