Pets And Strays

There are over 200 million stray dogs and globally, it is estimated that there are over 100 million feral cats with at least 60 million living in the US alone, 12 million in Australia, and one million in Britain. When you see stray dogs & cats that look like skin and bones, thin as paper, hungry, lost, and sometimes even hurt, that is when we need to step up and speak out for these poor animals who can't speak for themselves. These dogs and cats have no family to go home to. You most likely already have a dog or cat or even both, and they're probably your best friend you probably love them to death, spoil them rotten, and couldn't imagine life without them. Well, what about all those animals who are suffering, wandering the streets, getting hit by trucks\cars, and starving? Are we not doing anything about it and just letting it happen? We're all in this together and these animals need our help. So next time you see a stray animal, stop and help them. You can start by giving them some food and water, making sure they aren't dehydrated and starving. If you live somewhere where there is a lot of strays maybe consider keeping a kennel in your car so if you see an animal you can take it to a shelter or find a loving home for them. Even taking a dog home and nursing it back to health so you can adopt it out to a new, great home makes all the difference. It might not seem like it would make a big difference because there is a lot of stray animals but you will be saving an animal (s) life...

Please remember, not all stray animals are friendly. Approach these animals with caution and if you are unsure about doing this, contact a professional, like a local animal shelter. 

The Road To Rescue

Hi! Welcome to our website! The reason for making this website is not for fame or likes, but to spread awareness about a problem in our world that has been going on for long enough. Help us save the world and the creatures in it.  Find and support us on YouTube

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