Humane Societies 

There are so many Humane societies doing good for our world! Even in small countries like Belize, special people are working to make sure these animals are as healthy and safe as they can be. 

Hopkins Belize Humane Society: The Hopkins Belize Humane Society is a non for profit organization here in the little village of Hopkins, Belize.
It's a wonderful place, run by wonderful people who put their hearts and soul into their jobs. 
On the last weekend of every month, this humane society opens to the public. They allow people from all over our district to bring in their animals (cats or dogs) to get spayed or neutered at no cost. If the villagers allow them to do the surgery the clinic will provide all medications for as long as they are needed. Each month they are open, the animals are welcome back for free check-ups. This is amazing! 
The reason they encourage spaying/neutering is that there are so many dogs in Belize. People want dogs, then leave them outside, they get mange, distemper, and if they’re not fixed can get an awful disease called TVT, it’s a sexually transmitted disease spread from canine to canine, these dogs end up suffering a great deal because they are not taken care of properly. For more information on TVT please see this link:
This isn’t always the case, but there is, unfortunately, a very big problem here. The Humane Society’s goal is to provide knowledge to the owners, as well as “fix” the animals so they can’t have any more babies, one dog can have up to 8 puppies, just think how fast the dog population can grow. 
The Hopkins Humane Society saves so many lives, and have gotten the population of stray dogs down by more than half of what it was, that’s a huge number. There are so many special people who work hard all year round. 
What can you do? If you are on vacation in Belize, you can stop by the Hopkins Humane Society on the last weekend of the month and give a donation. Or you can donate online here
This humane society runs only on donations so every dollar counts! 
Help us save our animals. 

Edmonton Humane Society: The Edmonton Humane Society is definitely worth your time! Not only are they saving lives every day, but thousands of lives every year! The Edmonton Humane Society helps dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs + so much more! Whether it's volunteering at the shelter, sharing a post about the Edmonton Humane Society on Facebook, (or some kind of social media), or buying an EHS (Edmonton Humane Society) Lottery ticket, every little bit helps… 
  Even if you could only donate $25.00 it would mean a lot and you would be saving countless lives. . So join us today, let's save these animals and make the earth a better happier place.
Click here to help save lives & make a difference: 

The Humane Society of the U.S (Washington): The U.S.A Humane Society helps animals from a big stallion to a colorful Guppy.  They get about 6.5 million animal patients that come into their clinic each year, and 3.2 million of them get adopted out. The U.S Humane Society takes so many animals off the street each day so that today only 6% of the animals all over the country are strays, which is amazing!