Endangered Species

With over 16, 300 animals and plants near extinction, and 322 have already gone extinct in the last 500 years, we should start to worry. Without animals and certain plants in the world, what do we
 have? Just a world full of pollution. Plants and animals are more important than you think, that is why we must save them all. Can you imagine a world without animals? One by one they go extinct and we have nothing left. For one, we would not have pets! To many people, their pets mean the world them. If all the animals went extinct, who would make sure that the plants don't overgrow? Without animals eating the plants, nothing is stopping these plants from growing. Those and many more things would change our world. If you ask me, it would not be for the better. You can help! Start by educating people, share this website, spread the word! If you are a tourist make sure you are being respectful to the animals in the environment. You can even stay away from pesticides and herbicides. Without animals, in our world, we will all change. Even though not every animal is extinct now, as the others start to fade away, people will turn to these animals, and then they will fade away as well. Don't let the world come to this. It's not for the better, and it never will be...

The Road To Rescue

Hi! Welcome to our website! The reason for making this website is not for fame or likes, but to spread awareness about a problem in our world that has been going on for long enough. Help us save the world and the creatures in it.  Find and support us on YouTube

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